Oil and Gas Law

Making the most of your Oil and Gas business

An experienced Oil and Gas Lawyer is crucial for developing and protecting your energy and mineral interests, oil leases, gas leases, exploration efforts, and setting up your oil and gas related business.
When you need a lawyer to assist with oil, gas and other mineral law, Muslim Lawyer can handle your needs, whether you are an operator or simply chasing down division orders for your oil and gas leases.

We will be happy to your handle Oil and Gas Litigation and other energy law related matters, including:

– Oil & Gas Partnership Agreements
– Mineral Interest Leasing
– “Third for a Quarter” Agreements and Variations
– Division Orders and Division Order Disputes
– Natural Gas Sales Contracts
– Mineral Agreements besides Energy, Oil & Gas
– Producers 88 Agreements
– Improper Plug & Abandon Litigation
– Royalty Lawsuits & Disputes
– Kelley Bushing Injury Litigation
– Mineral Inheritance Issues
– Midstream Agreements & Oil Consulting Agreements
– Drilling and Production Documentation

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