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We all know relocating for family, work or personal reasons can be a life changing experience at best of times. It can leave you, your family and loved ones feeling, separated, stretched and overwhelmed.
At Muslim Lawyer, we understand this difficult time. Our lawyers know and understand the difficulties faced by many individuals and families.
Our lawyers speak your language, understand your background and can provide a tailored service to meet your specific needs. Getting help in UK Immigration matters can save money, avoid delays and get results the first time with expert help and support.
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UK Family, Divorce and Children Law

Family law can affect anyone at any time. As humans, we live in family units, you are a part of a family, there are blood ties and cultural bonds that run deep. You are likely to face difficulties since individuals within the family may make decisions which can disadvantage the other.
Family can be particularly complicated for Muslims under a system that was not designed to serve them or run according to their religious beliefs.
The two legal systems, English and Islamic although much of the principles are similar, it is even said that the English law adopted much of the Islamic principals from the Muslim administered courts in Sicily; they do stem and operate under different set of procedures and authorities.

A Muslim no doubt wants to comply with both the Sharia for religious compliance and law of England and Wales as it is the prevailing and enforced law of the land. Thus an understanding of both legal systems is required from any professional who is dealing with such an important and sensitive matter. Additionally the professional needs to be able to appreciate the social and cultural background in which the matter, be it divorce, or children separation is to take place. A significant number of competing priorities will emanate from pressures that are brewed in this mix. Muslims find particular difficulties with how divorce is actioned, children residence and contact which may disregard completely the well known Islamic norms. Sometimes Muslims and others are frustrated by the lack of transparency or rationale or detached from reality judgments from UK courts and judges.

Muslims also can find difficulties as marriage is an option out of many options, there is a lack of importance to Prenuptial agreements, marriage contracts, family related interference from local government and the judiciary, inability to safeguard family from perceived moral decadence, inadequate housing, poverty related breakdowns, competing social-economic priorities, divorce, children residence and contact, splitting of family assets, step-mother/father families and family status and honour in society.
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UK Employment Law

Employment law affects everyone regardless of their creed, as it deals with the relationship between employers and employees. So anyone could find themselves needing legal assistance. However Muslims are more likely to encounter problems. Some attribute this to the impact that race, religion, social and cultural factors have on this relationship. Employment problems can lead to family breakdowns and ill health.
Muslim Difficulties
One of the favorite places to have the team meeting outside of the office is the local pub. As Muslims are not allowed to be in places associated with alcohol, this can put them at a disadvantage, even lose their job for not homogenizing sufficiently with the team.
Other areas that can cause difficulties include, free mixing, dress code, dietary requirements, lack of prayer facilities, respecting Muslim religious holidays, dealing with prohibited products and services.
So it is important for Muslims to be legally aware of their rights and responsibilities.
We have solicitors who have extensive employment work experience; we are working with lawyers and barristers who are based in the financial and business centres in the UK.
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UK Wills and Probate Law

Making a Will and planning for the future can seem like something to be put off until we are much older. However, without a will your dependents and relatives will be left in a vulnerable and unprepared situation at a time of great difficulty. You can avoid this situation arising with the help of our lawyers who provide extensive services covering all aspects Will and estate planning services.

The situation can get more complicated for Muslims as how a persons estate is divided after their death is not the same under English and Islamic law. Under English law, you can make a Will and give your assets to your named beneficiaries, appoint executors and provide other duties. If you do not have a valid will your estate will pass under intestacy rules.
Under Islamic law, generally you can offer up to 1/3 to your named beneficiaries, appoint executors and provide other duties. The 2/3 is per-ordained and must go to your spouses, children, siblings and parents in set proportions as detailed in chapter 4 of the Holy Quran.
The two systems are very different and as money and benefits are involved this can lead to disputes and contested legal battles. Therefore it is vitally important to have a valid Will a defined plan of your assets and estates.
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UK Sharia and Islamic law

We find many Muslims get married only in Sharia and stop short of registry office weddings (in English law). This introduces a situation where Sharia is the only law that can be applied yet it is voluntary (parties can disregard rulings) as only the English state courts are able to enforce their decisions. This results in there being very limited legal workable solution within the marriage context.
Many Muslims also fail to write a Will, yet the hadith tells us that:
“It is a duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without including it in his Will.”
(Sahih Al-Bukhari)
A Will must be legally valid so that the courts can enforce its stipulations upon death if enforcement is required. Given that Shari ‘ah is not recognised under English Law, how does a British Muslim ensure distribution upon death takes place according to Shari’ah principles?
Those who pass away without leaving a legally valid Will are affected by the ‘laws of intestacy’ which in most cases requires the assets to be handed over to the surviving spouse or partner.
If the surviving spouse and their children mutually agree to distribute the assets according to Shari’ah principles, this will be considered as being a voluntary act. However, if they choose to ignore sharia law share distributions , then the voluntary arrangement cannot be legally enforced as the English courts will only consider entitlement under intestacy rules and not Shari’ah law. It is therefore imperative that a legally valid Will is prepared without delay.
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