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Employment law affects everyone regardless of their creed, as it deals with the relationship between employers and employees. So anyone could find themselves needing legal assistance. However Muslims are more likely to encounter problems. Some attribute this to the impact that race, religion, social and cultural factors have on this relationship. Employment problems can lead to family breakdowna and ill health.

Muslim Difficulties
One of the favourite places to have the team meeting outside of the office is the local pub. As Muslims are not allowed to be in places associated with alcohol, this can put them at a disadvantage, even lose their job for not homogenising sufficiently with the team.

Other areas that can cause difficulties include, free mixing, dress code, dietary requirements, lack of prayer facilities, respecting Muslim religious holidays, dealing with prohibited products and services.

So it is important for Muslims to be legally aware of their rights and responsibilities.

We have solicitors who have extensive employment work experience; we are working with lawyers and barristers who are based in the financial and business centre.

We have dealt with :
- Age Discrimination
- Breach of contract
- Bullying At Work
- Compromise Agreements
- Constructive Dismissal
- Contracts of Employment
- Employment Tribunals
- Racial Discrimination
- Sexual Discrimination
- The Equality Act 2010
- Unfair Dismissal
- Disability Discrimination
- National Minimum Wage (NMW)
- Pregnancy and Maternity Employment Rights
- Sickness and Time off
- Whistleblowing
- Work Permits
- Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE)

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