Family Law

Our family law lawyers can assist with contested and uncontested divorce proceedings as well as Nullity, Judicial Separation and arrangements for children.

family law
Family is the centre of the world for most people. When it falls-apart you should get help quickly!

Marriage and Divorce
– Divorces (Contested and Uncontested)
– Divorce settlements / financial settlements (Who gets the House, pension, car etc)
– Pre-nuptial agreements (Agree terms of separation before marriage)
– Post-nuptial agreements (Agree terms of separation during marriage)
– Cohabitation / Living Together
– Collaborative law
– Inheritance Act claims (Not mentioned in the Will or given a share)
– Injunctions (stop something from being done)
– Mediation (on finance and children following a Divorce or Separation)

Children Law
Your children should safe and secure and always protected from any disputes

– Parental Responsibility (Legally able to seek contact and residence etc)
– Disputes between unmarried couples
– Contact and Residence Orders (have contact with the child & decide on living arrangements)
– Prohibitive Steps Orders (Prevent one parent from removing the child or relocating etc)
– Issues relating to children
– Specific Issues Orders
– Adoption
– Child Abduction

Domestic violence
Many agencies can help keep you safe, good lawyers will secure your interests

Domestic Violence
– Injunctions (Non-Molestation Orders)
– Dealing with the occupancy of the family home (Occupation Orders)
– Powers of Arrest
– Enforcement
– Contacting groups offering support
– Children Private Law

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