Sharia and Islamic Law

Religious law is very important to those who adhere to their religion. This is clearly illustrated in the Muslim community. From eating Halal foods to interactions between individuals and the community such as marriages, divorce, children, public education and much more. Islamic banking and contracts with ethical alternatives are becoming more and more popular.

Most Muslims are likely to affected in areas such as divorce, wills and discrimination particularly in employment as a minority in wider British society. Should you require a tailored service where both English law and Sharia is fully considered, our experts can deal with your case.

Marriage is a sacred contract, a bond, upon which a Muslim society is built

Popular Sharia service usually involves dealing with:

  • Divorce / Talaq
  • Separation / Khula
  • Check the validity of a foreign marriage
  • Mahr and other contractual disputes
  • Forced marriages and nullity
  • Islamic Contracts
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Children – Parental Responsibility, Contact, Residence
  • Islamic Wills and Family finance
  • Adoption/guardianship
  • Consider foreign and Islamic documents
Islamic Law
Let your faith and religious law lead the way (Sharia Islamia)

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