Forced Marriages

Some Muslim community members take their sons and daughters to get married abroad. This could be for many reasons including not finding suitable bride or groom in the UK.

Forced to marry is not just physical force but emotional and psychological pressure.

Sometimes their son or daughter may be reluctant and may oppose this move. Putting excessive pressure or not listening to their wishes can lead to a crime. The UK government, police and embassies can get involved in helping the individual who claims to be forced into a marriage.

There are others who travel on their own and make their own choices but family members and others who opposed the proposed marriage may alert the authorities and a case started. The police have a duty to investigate and if a person is forced into a relationship or stranded abroad they have a duty to assist or at the very least consider if a crime had been committed.

The police may seek a court order and hold your passport and demand that you facilitate a return of the “protected person”.

forced marriages
Court may order you to facilitate the return of the “Protected Person”

It can be sudden and you are demanded to take action which may not be in your hands. Disobeying a court order can lead to contempt of court proceedings with a potential £5,000 fine and /or 2 years in prison.

Our lawyers are able to assist and put your case forward to lessen the burden a police investigation or a court order requiring you to surrender you passport and bring the person back. Please call or email for your free initial consultation.

Good support can mean the difference between going to prison and succeeding in your case

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