Consumer Contract Law

Agreements between consumers (general public) and the sellers of goods and services (service providers and business) tend to be consumer contracts. Our Lawyers will be able to advise you on all consumer related disputes and considerations to take into account when drafting or dealing with such contracts. Some of these issues may be the same as commercial contracts, for example, exclusion or limitation of liability clauses. However, the law governing the enforceability of these types of clauses varies depending on whether they are being used in business to business or contracts with the general public (standard terms contracts).

Generally speaking, the law provides the general public consumer with greater protection thus such clauses are less likely to be legally enforceable in consumer contracts than in commercial ones, where the parties would have lawyers involved and negotiate on terms. Our Lawyers will be able to advise you on how best to draft such clauses in order to attempt to make them legally enforceable or if you are a consumer advise you as to what options you have as the law tries to provide you with some protection.

It’s a complicated area of law, and the advice of a specialist contract/consumer lawyer is highly recommended. If a dispute arises over an alleged breach of contract, or you want to terminate a contract early, or you simply want to know your rights and options you will need the specialist knowledge of our contract and consumer lawyer.

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